Your Mercedes-Benz vehicle was designed with precision engineering and craftsmanship without compromises. Keeping such a finely tuned vehicle running at peak performance requires regularly scheduled maintenance, and the most common of these services plays a crucial role in long-term performance and reliability.

Routine oil changes are important for all Mercedes-Benz models. These services keep engines running smooth and efficiently.

Engine oil itself plays an important role in your engine, moving throughout the system to lubricate moving parts and mitigate friction. With less friction comes less heat. With less heat comes less damage to components.

While engine oil is very effective at this task, it does tend to drop off with time and use. That's why routine oil changes are so important for your vehicle. The longer engine oil is used, the dirtier and less effective it becomes. At a certain point, it won't be able to prevent friction effectively.

You'll want to schedule an oil change appointment for your Mercedes-Benz every few months or every few thousand miles. Doing so keeps fresh, effective oil in your vehicle and ensures a healthy engine.

Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor is ready to help you with your oil change needs. Our service center has a staff of skilled Mercedes-Benz technicians on hand who can take care of your regular oil changes with confidence. Plus, use OEM Mercedes-Benz oil and filters for the best performance possible.

Contact our staff by phone or submit a request online to schedule your next oil change appointment. We're eager to help you maintain your vehicle in any way possible.

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