Why Choose Genuine OEM Mercedes-Benz Parts and Accessories?

Mercedes-Benz is committed to excellence in every part of its operation. This attitude goes well beyond its cars and SUVs, permeating everything from maintenance to financing. One way that you can see this commitment to quality on full display is with Original Mercedes-Benz Parts.

Mercedes-Benz continues to produce a wide array of parts for all sorts of vehicles going back decades. From batteries to tires and beyond, Mercedes-Benz owners can find all sorts of replacement parts and additions available for their vehicles. The benefits of choosing these original Mercedes-Benz parts are wide ranging.

  • Reliability
  • Warranty Coverage
  • Performance
  • Style and Looks
  • Fit and Quality


Long-term reliability is critically important to most every Mercedes-Benz owner. One of the best ways to ensure long-lasting performance is through genuine Mercedes-Benz parts. You won't find any compromises with Mercedes-Benz parts. Only the highest quality materials and the most precise engineering is used to produce each component. Whether you're buying brake pads, wiper blades, or spark plugs, you know you'll get products that are built to last.

Warranty Coverage

Only genuine OEM Mercedes-Benz parts are used for warranty repairs. If your car has a problem that's covered by warranty, Mercedes-Benz technicians will use original parts to complete the repairs. The parts themselves are often covered as well. An available Parts Limited Warranty covers components for four years.


All Mercedes-Benz models rely on precise engineering to deliver their signature impressive performance. It follows that precision-engineered parts are needed to maintain that kind of performance over time. That's why OEM components are highly recommended -- they're designed to integrate seamlessly into the existing systems of your vehicle and promote better overall performance.

Style and Looks

Original Mercedes-Benz parts are designed to complement the looks and finish of existing models. While aftermarket parts and accessories may end up looking a bit out of place, OEM components will look right at home once they're installed.

Many Ways to Get the Original Mercedes-Benz Parts that You Need

Remanufactured Mercedes-Benz Components

You don't always have to purchase brand-new Mercedes-Benz parts to get the performance that you're looking for. Mercedes-Benz also offers a wide variety of refurbished secondhand parts. These parts still live up to the brand's standards for quality, performance, and durability while offering lower pricing than brand-new components.

Mercedes-Benz StarParts

Drive an older Mercedes-Benz? These parts are for you. The StarParts program provides replacement components for models older than five years. These legacy parts help vehicles stay on the roads around Jackson and Ypsilanti as they age. Plus, you can often find budget-friendly solutions via Mercedes-Benz StarParts.

Original Tires from Mercedes-Benz

You may be surprised to find out the Mercedes-Benz has its own tires. MO Tires are designed by the manufacturer to complement the performance and safety needs of specific models. If your Mercedes-Benz needs new rubber, choosing MO Tires is a surefire way to get a set that works well.

Mercedes-Benz Accessories

Personalizing a vehicle is an important element for many Mercedes-Benz owners. Luckily, the brand offers a wide variety of ways to do just that. Mercedes-Benz accessories are add-on components that enhance the looks or functionality of your vehicle. Whether you want to add weather-proof floor mats, practical roof racks, or handsome trim pieces, OEM Mercedes-Benz accessories are the way to go.

Mercedes-Benz Performance Parts

Upgrading your car's performance may be a high priority for some drivers near Saline, MI. If that's the case for you, Mercedes-Benz has a solution. The auto maker produces its own performance parts that are designed to build upon the stock power and handling of all sorts of Mercedes-Benz models. Engine aspiration, suspension upgrades, and more are all available straight from Mercedes-Benz. That way, you can improve handling and power without worrying about the reliability of off-brand parts or voiding your warranty.

Order Original Parts from Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor

Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor helps drivers near Ypsilanti and Jackson, MI get the quality original Mercedes-Benz parts that they need. Our parts center makes it easy to find and order the components that fit in your car. Plus, we offer a variety of parts specials that can help you cut down on costs.

Once you have purchased your parts, you can have them installed quickly and conveniently at the Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor service center.

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