Finance Application

Start Your Auto Financing Process with an Online Application

Ready to move forward with auto financing? You can take the first step here on our website.

Whether you've chosen to pursue an auto loan or a new Mercedes-Benz lease, you'll have to complete and submit a finance application. This form collects key information about your personal finances, employment, residence, credit history, and more. Potential lenders will review the information in your application and determine an offer accordingly.

While many shoppers end up applying in person after they've found a car at our dealership near Ypsilanti and Saline, MI, it's not the only way to submit a finance application. If you find a car that you want online, you can still submit your finance application in a timely fashion. That's because of Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor offers a quick and easy online application option.

Completing the Application

The online application will guide you through each step, indicating which information needs to be supplied. It's a simple process that minimizes stress and confusion. If you have the correct information on hand, you can complete the form in just a couple of minutes. When you've filled in every field with the appropriate details, feel free to press submit and send the application to our finance team.

What Happens Next?

Our finance staff will send your application to a network of lenders. We maintain relationships with many trusted regional banks, credit unions and other institutions. These contacts help our customers' chances of getting competing offers. If you're applying for a lease, we'll pass your information on to Mercedes-Benz itself.

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