Takata Airbag Recall

Please complete the necessary information form.  We will contact you if your vehicle is part of this Nationwide Action.  We will also to keep you informed on any updates and eventually contact you when parts are available to schedule the repair free of charge.

Mercedes-Benz USA has decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in certain Model Year 2005-2014 MercedesBenz vehicles, based on the defect decision of TK Holdings, Inc ("Takata") regarding certain airbags produced by Takata.  Rest assured that Mercedes-Benz USA, through our parent company Daimler AG, is taking all necessary measures to remedy this situation for Mercedes-Benz owners.

The Mercedes-Benz vehicles potentially affected are equipped with driver-side airbags provided by Takata. During normal airbag deployment, under certain circumstances, the driver-side airbag inflator housing in your vehicle may rupture due to excessive internal pressure. This condition is more likely to occur if your vehicle has been exposed to high levels of absolute humidity for extended periods of time. A driver-side inflator rupture during deployment could result in metal fragments striking the driver or other occupants, possibly causing serious injury or death.  

In late January 2016, Takata, the manufacturer of your driver-side airbag inflator, informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the problem.  We quickly went into action to work with NHTSA and Takata, to define a remedy. Unfortunately, unlike other parts used in manufacturing, redesign of an airbag module is a time-intensive effort given the time needed for sourcing, design, testing, certifying and manufacturing requirements.  As a result, it will take us time to go through these stages in a manner that ensures the highest level of safety, durability and quality that we can provide to our customers. Please complete the dedicated form so Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor can assist in further communications regarding the recall, along with timing and availability as soon as a suitable replacement part is tested and available for your vehicle.  You will then be scheduled for the necessary repairs free of charge. Until this time, there is no action required on your part.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience and uncertainty, and trust that we are doing all we can considering the unanticipated situation that we, along with much of the industry, are now faced with. You have the commitment of the entire Mercedes-Benz organization that there will be no higher priority than resolving this issue and doing everything within our means to ensure your safety and peace of mind.  

Sincerely Yours,

Daniel Wilson

Service Director

Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor



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