The all-new Mercedes-Benz EQE will complement the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQS, offering a more compact yet similarly distinctive design. The upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQE takes a bold step into the future of electric driving while offering iconic Mercedes-Benz style for a high-end driving experience. The Mercedes-Benz EQE offers cutting-edge technology, outstanding all-electric performance, and head-turning design.

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You can expect amazing driving range from the new Mercedes-Benz EQE with it offering an estimated 410 miles of all-electric driving range. There will be two model variants at launch, including the Mercedes-Benz EQE 350 that offers 288 horsepower, and a second model that will be announced at a later date.

When it comes to charging, the new Mercedes-Benz EQE provides compatible charging capability for over 530,000 public charging stations worldwide and nearly 60,000 stations in the USA. The new Mercedes-Benz EQE features the Charge Plug and Charge function, you can enjoy more convenience when at public charging points by automatically starting the charging process when inserting the cable without any additional authentication.

Some of the other impressive performance capabilities of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQE include:

  • eATS electric drivetrain checks the torque delivery to the wheels 10,000 times per second
  • Two versions of rear-axle steering with a steering angle of up to 4.5 degrees and 10 degrees
  • Six-phase design for the rear-axle motor
  • AIRMATIC® air suspension
  • up to 391 pound-feet of torque


The upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQE offers an available MBUX Hyperscreen, which replaces the traditional instrument panel with a single, ultimate widescreen. The graphic appearance of the MBUX content between the perfectly merged screens offers perfect coordination. With this avant-garde display, you can enjoy cutting-edge technology that seamlessly merges with high-end luxury.

One of the most impressive aspects of the technology is the adaptive software. The intuitive interface of the Hyperscreen adapts to the user and makes personalized suggestions for everything from infotainment to comfort. The zero-layer design makes it possible for users to avoid scrolling through various submenus or give voice commands. The system shows the most important applications based on the situation and context.

Some of the ways you may see the Mercedes-Benz EQE adapting to you include:

  • If you always call a certain person around the same time each week, you will receive a suggestion to make a call and an image of the contacts picture and information will appear. All suggestions made by MBUX are coupled with the profile of the user, meaning example suggestion won't appear for every user.
  • If a user regularly turns on both steering wheel and seat heating, there will be a suggestion to turn on both as soon as you turn on the seat heating.


The upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQE combines iconic luxury with innovative design to maximize both form and function. You will find tense, sinewy surfaces and seamless design with reduced lines and flowing transitions. There are frameless, coupe-like doors and an aerodynamic silhouette that both reduce road noise and drag. A "Black Panel" replaces the traditional grille while retaining its similarity to other Mercedes-Benz models and housing various sensors.

The interior of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQE provides both simplicity and sculptural beauty. With wrap-around surfaces, leather seating surfaces with graphic designs, and dynamic ambient lighting, the new Mercedes-Benz EQE provides a stunning appearance.

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