Values for pre-owned vehicles have recently hit record highs with the chip shortage issue, making now an excellent time for discerning customers to sell their vehicles. Instead of selling privately and dealing with the haggling and a drawn-out experience, you can discover a fair price for your vehicle and a streamlined selling process with us.

Learn more about why selling your car now is a smart move.

The Current Demand for Pre-Owned

In 2020, the average age for a car in the U.S. was about 12 years old, which was a two-month increase from the previous year since many drivers were kept at home. The longevity of pre-owned cars, the shortage of chips, and the frugality of drivers have helped push pre-owned car sales higher in an already eager market.

It's said that pre-owned car sellers are profiting from sales and even making money selling cars with major issues. At Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor, we are always looking for opportunities to buy vehicles and accept trade-ins. We accept models from all types of brands and backgrounds while helping you sell for the vehicle's marketplace value.

Sell with Confidence

When you choose us, you can count on a high degree of customer satisfaction. We honor a zero-pressure environment so that you can focus on doing what is best for you without any pushy sales tactics. With our online tools, you can make an informed decision and save time on-site. Our team is known for its extensive experience in selling and trading-in vehicles so that you can count on a smooth process.

Streamline How You Sell Your Car

There are a lot of pitfalls when you sell your car to a private buyer. You can spend time and money advertising your vehicle, will have to respond to interested buyers, and haggle with someone who may not know the value of your vehicle for a fair price. Many sellers hate parting with their vehicle because bartering with a buyer looking to drive down the price can be exhausting and frustrating.

Luckily, you can skip all those unpleasant aspects of selling your car by choosing us. We provide an intuitive online appraisal form that allows you to discover your vehicle's value from the comfort of your home. By following straightforward steps, you can receive a value for your vehicle based on objective market demand.

These steps include:

  • Provide information about your vehicle, including basic information, history, and condition.
  • Receive an instant price determined by our team working with a network of certified dealers.
  • Schedule a time to finish the final paperwork and complete a final inspection, and we will send you payment.

It's worth noting that you are not obligated to sell your car to us by completing the online appraisal. The online appraisal saves you time and provides you with a clear idea of what to expect. Receiving a value for your car allows you to skip negotiating for a fair price and provides an upfront way of doing business.

The Benefits of Trading In

While there is no pressure to use your vehicle as a trade-in, it's an excellent option for drivers looking for their next car. We can seamlessly apply the value of your trade-in to the purchase of your next car for a quick and convenient experience. Trading in your vehicle can lower sales tax and financing rates.

Value Your Vehicle Online

If you're ready for a better way to sell or trade-in your vehicle, it's as easy as following the steps of our appraisal form. Contact us today with any questions.

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