Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor is a dealership that not only sells cars but buys them from local drivers too.

It's no secret -- selling your car independently can be a stressful process with plenty of headaches. From researching model pricing to putting together a listing and meeting with unfamiliar shoppers, it's a process that many drivers in the areas around Ann Arbor would rather avoid. Fortunately, there's an effective alternative.

Our dealership can buy your car, truck, or SUV in a simple and low-stress process. We'll give you a fair offer and complete the deal without hassle or worry to you. It's all part of our effort to make life easier for local drivers. Plus, we get to add another quality vehicle to our inventory of pre-owned models.

Emphasizing Convenience in the Selling Process

There are plenty of hurdles to overcome in the independent selling process. From timeliness to confidence, Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor seeks to help you find a better way to sell you vehicle.

First and foremost, selling to a dealer like ours brings all of the elements to one place. Rather than spending energy listing your car on multiple sites and meeting up to show your car to potential buyers, you can come straight to our location and get the process done all together at once.

These deals can typically be made within a single day as well. While selling independently may take days, weeks, or months, we can get your deal finished in a matter of hours. You can use that saved time to enjoy your new car.

There's confidence in working with a dealer to sell your car as well. Selling on your own often means having to meet with strangers to for viewings and test drives. Plus, it's hard to feel confident in a cash transaction with a person with whom you have no rapport.

Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor, on the other hand, offers a transparent process that helps sellers feel confident. We'll stick to our word and make an honest deal.

Competitive Cash Offers

Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor works hard to make sure the sellers we work with get quality cash offers for their vehicles. After all, we understand the importance of getting your money back on an investment.

Our staff will compare your vehicle to other models on the market an come up with a cash offer accordingly. This process helps us to clearly defined the real value of your vehicle and make sure you get a fair deal.

Trade-In Deals

You're welcome to sell your car outright here at Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor, but we welcome trade-in deals as well.

Trade-in deals offer the simplicity of selling your old car and buying your new one in a single, streamlined transaction. We can make a cash offer for your vehicle and apply the value to your next purchase. That simplicity makes trade-in deals particularly popular at our dealership in Ann Arbor.

We'll Work with You to Make a Quality Deal

It's easy to sell your vehicle to Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor.

First, we recommend getting an online valuation for your vehicle. Whether you're selling outright or you prefer to make a trade, you'll get the same estimate that reflects your vehicle's value.

Next, contact our staff to make your appointment. When you arrive, we'll take a close look at your vehicle to verify the online valuation and make you an offer on the spot. After that, you can simply sign the paperwork. Give us a call or pay us a visit if you have questions about this process.

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