Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor provides a selection of Featured Inventory, representing new and popular items at competitive prices. Please take a moment to investigate these current highlighted models, hand-picked from our ever-changing inventories!

These Hand-Picked New Mercedes-Benz Models are Featured for a Reason

The lineup of new Mercedes-Benz models found over here at our Ann Arbor, MI luxury car dealership is vast and perhaps even a little intimidating to navigate, especially if you're making the plunge as a first-time premium luxury car buyer. That's why we've carefully selected this lineup of featured new Mercedes-Benz models, giving you a great place to start if you're shopping for a luxury ride in the Ypsilanti, Brighton, Canton and Detroit, MI areas.

With a starting place to jump off, you get a sense of certain price points for certain new Mercedes-Benz models. This lineup of featured new cars rotates regularly, so if you're taking your time in finding your next ride - as you should; it's a huge investment - make sure to check back on this page to find out what deals we're offering on some of these stylish and exciting new Mercedes-Benz rides. While this lineup of featured rides is far smaller than our entire new inventory, there's still a diversity and plenty of options for you to choose from.

These featured rides will either lead to you finding the new Mercedes-Benz that you want to drive home, or it will lead you to explore your other options in terms of the new luxury models and pre-owned cars that we have available. No matter what, once you've settled on a car, we'll go over your loan and lease options with you so you can fit the transaction into your budget.

Finding the perfect new car is hard work, but the rewards are well worth it. Head on over to Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor today and we'll help you find the luxury model that excites you and handles all of your transportation needs.

Our Ann Arbor Dealership Has Some Hand-Picked Pre-Owned Rides of Different Makes and Models

When trying to find the best shopping and buying experience in any kind of atmosphere, more choices are pretty much always better than having a limited selection. That's the idea behind these featured pre-owned models you can look through here at our Ann Arbor, MI dealership serving the Ypsilanti, Brighton, Canton and Detroit, MI areas. With a regularly rotating cast of characters among this hand-picked pre-owned cars, you'll always have a smart starting spot when you're looking for a new ride. See if we have anything available here, then come on over to our Mercedes-Benz and pre-owned car dealership for a closer look.

While we specialize in a selection of high-end and luxurious new Mercedes-Benz models, we also make a point of making these used cars from other luxury brands and more popular, more-affordable brands, providing you with a wealth of options when you're looking for your next ride. Check back with our featured pre-owned cars to see if anything stands out, or take your time for more research and wait to see if something pops up that catches your eye.

After finding a car that suits your needs - and style, which is important too - we'll discuss what your used car loan options are. Just as important as finding a car you enjoy is figuring out what your down payment and monthly costs will be. While these featured pre-owned rides and our other used cars are all in great shape, all vehicles are prone to wear and tear, so make sure you keep up your vehicle's value by taking it over to our service center for repairs and maintenance.

Discover all your options for your next ride by heading over to Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor today and we'll be happy to take you for a quick test drive.