It's time to start shopping for your next vehicle, but you're not exactly sure what kind you should get. You know that you're interested in a luxury model, but which specific one remains a mystery. It might be time consider buying a pre-owned luxury SUV.

Used luxury SUVs have multifold benefits. From utility to value and comfort, there's a lot to appreciate in these vehicles.

To start, used luxury SUVs are some of the most spacious and comfortable vehicles on the road. Large cabins filled with upscale features and premium materials make for a cushy drive wherever you go.

On top of simple comfort, these vehicles tend to offer excellent utility. Large cargo areas and folding rear seats mean you stow all sorts of items with ease. You may even be able to find a model with three-row seating for seven.

Finally, used SUVs often offer great capability and performance. High ground clearance and either all=wheel drive or four-wheel drive can help you get through winter weather, while large and powerful engines are great for towing.

To top it off, buying a pre-owned luxury SUV helps you avoid the higher sticker prices of brand-new models.

When you're ready to start shopping for a pre-owned SUV, take a look at the used inventory here at Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor. We have a great selection and we're ready to help you find a luxury utility vehicle that fits your lifestyle.

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