Understanding Mercedes-Benz A and B Services

Mercedes-Benz wants to make sure owners are satisfied with their vehicles' performance well after the sale. A great many Mercedes-Benz service centers across the country work together as a support network for drivers through every phase of ownership.

Maintenance throughout the first two years of ownership in particular is among the most important received in a vehicle's lifetime. As a Mercedes-Benz vehicle gets "worn in," it's important to effectively address common maintenance and parts needs. This helps promote proper performance later down the road.

Luckily, Mercedes-Benz has programs in place that take care of these early maintenance needs. It's recommended for each new Mercedes-Benz car to undergo specific services after the first and second years on the road. These are called the A Service and B Service appointments.

A Service: After the first year or 10,000 miles of owning your Mercedes-Benz, it's time to bring it in for some basic upkeep. This includes an oil change, fluid check and top-off, brake inspection, tire inflation correction, and more.

B Service: B Service is recommended after two years or about 20,000 miles. Again, technicians will take care of an oil change, tire pressure adjustment, and fluid check. On top of that, they'll address a brake fluid change, cabin air filter replacement, and more.

If you're coming up on your A Service or B Service interval, feel free to schedule an appointment with the Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor Service Center. Our team of technicians can take care of the services and answer your questions about Mercedes-Benz maintenance as a whole.

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