Most drivers know they can rely on the new GLA for an excellent blend of luxury and practicality, but that's not all it offers. The new Mercedes-Benz luxury compact SUV comes with technology aimed equally at convenience, safety, and performance.

Rearview Camera: Visibility can be a difficult thing on the road. The GLA comes with a standard rear-view camera that provides a live feed of anything behind your vehicle. Cross traffic, pedestrians, and more can all be more visibility.

Parking Pilot: There's a reason so many drivers dread parallel parking -- limited visibility and awkward steering maneuvers can make the process a hassle. Mercedes-Benz offers Parking Pilot in the new GLA to make things a bit easier. This system can scan for open spots, then automatically guide your GLA into the space.

Lane Keeping Assist: Every driver can drift a bit into another lane from time to time. The new GLA helps counteract this with Lane Keeping Assist. The technology monitors your proximity to lane lines, sending an alert when drifting without a signal or automatically correcting when necessary.

Distance Pilot DISTRONIC: When you're using cruise control, this system can make it easier to maintain a consistent distance with other vehicles. Activate the system and it will use radar to monitor your proximity to others on the road.

Dynamic Select: You can tailor your GLA to perform exactly how you need it to with Dynamic Select. Pick from Sport, ECO, Comfort, and personalized modes to get the exact driving experience you crave in the moment.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay: These two systems have gained popularity by making it easier than ever to connect your smart phone to your vehicle infotainment system. The new GLA comes standard with both so you can get connected to your favorite apps from the start.

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