For many manufacturers, offering a variant of all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive is a surefire way to secure customers who value capability and performance. For Mercedes-Benz, it's yet another way to push its vehicles closer to perfection. The auto maker's 4MATIC system puts a unique spin on all-wheel drive.

The most significant difference between 4MATIC and other all-wheel drive systems, Mercedes-Benz claims, is that 4MATIC is fully integrated into the drivetrain. Unlike others, it's not simply a feature added on to a two-wheel drive system. 4MATIC uses a center differential to split power up among all four wheels. Power delivery can vary from wheel to wheel based on grip needs in different situations.

The benefits of driving a 4MATIC-equipped model from Mercedes-Benz are significant and varying. On one hand, it's a great option for drivers who often traverse snow or off-road terrain since it can detect and correct slippage. On the other hand, it's a great option for sport-oriented driving since it provides a planted feeling around dry corners.

Many SUV models for sale at Mercedes-Benz of Ann Arbor are available with 4MATIC AWD. From the GLA to the GLS, these SUVs offer impressive performance and capability. If you would like to try one out for yourself, schedule a test-drive appointment. You'll be able to get in the driver's seat to test out 4MATIC and other features for yourself.

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